DN Consulting will help you to get back on track with what’s important to you – your business. We manage and deliver those projects that are a means to an end and not the end itself.

We understand the stresses of change that is brought about by any project. We manage projects effectively and efficiently in order to maintain productivity and foster relationships.

We are a relationship focused, value driven consulting partner that can take control of the management and delivery of your technical projects, free up your time and keep your staff focused on driving your business’ objectives.

Why DN Consulting?

We believe in value added consulting with the clients objectives at the center. Our goal is simple. To help drive your business success by taking care of your project management and specialized IT services requirements.

Our consultants have a wealth of experience in Project Management, strategic IT consulting and they apply their certified skills to deliver ongoing measurable results that align with your business strategy which ultimately improves your bottom line.

What do we do?

Professional Business Consulting

DNC is passionate about leading teams and growing individuals on the journey towards success. We want companies to succeed. We believe that profits are maximized when the potential and energy within each individual team member is unlocked.

Project Management

IT Consulting Services

Managed Network Services

What do we stand for?

We follow internationally accredited, Project Management methodology and frameworks to manage and deliver the most complex and high risk projects within scope, time and budget. Because of our value driven approach, we strive for opportunities throughout the project to exceed deliverables whilst maintaining sensitivity towards business continuity.

Our Customers and Projects

CSD Targus - IT Services Audit Project
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DN Consulting was appointed the task of managing an IT services Audit project for CSD Targus in April 2015. Through the delivery of this project, CSD Targus was handed a comprehensive report on their current IT services that allowed CSD to make informed decisions around IT services and the alignment with business needs.

To deliver a comprehensive report about all IT services and support in order to align IT services with business strategy and objectives.

One month.
A detailed synopsis is available on request.

CSD Targus - IT Services and Support supplier RFP and transition Project
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Based on the findings of an IT services and audit report, DN Consulting constructed an RFP (Request for Proposal) to go to market for suppliers of managed IT services to tender for the appointment of suitable IT services supplier to CSD. CSD received tenders from multiple IT services providers that allowed them to evaluate value added service offerings best suited to their business needs. A transition project will be initiated to move CSD from the current service provider to the new if needed.

To deliver value added IT serviced adequate to the business needs and objectives of CSD. An RFP needs to be constructed and taken to market. Tenders need to be evaluated and scored. Suppliers need to be interviewed. Should a suitable candidate be identified, a transition project needs to be initiated and concluded. CSD needs to maintain business continuity and desired deliverables need to be met during the transitioning from current to the new supplier. Opportunities identified during the project that benefit the business, need to be seized.

4 months
A detailed synopsis is available on request.

XLAN Cabling – Wireless Network infrastructure implementation project
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DN Consulting was hired to project manage and install a wireless network infrastructure for one of XLAN Cabling’s clients. This was a highly technical, specialized project that required DN Consulting’s skill in the IT networking environment.

The project was to deliver a wireless infrastructure for a company in the warehouse and distribution industry. The wireless environment had to allow mobile barcode scanning of items in the warehouse to a warehouse management system. The wireless network had to provide scanning coverage for over 5000 square meters of warehouse floor space and approx. 30 isles separated by racks of metal fasteners.

To deliver a wireless infrastructure in the warehouse that can allow for the barcode scanning from the warehouse to the warehouse management system.

2 weeks
A detailed synopsis is available on request.